New demands for more EU integration show Brussels never learns

New demands for more EU integration show Brussels never learns

Mario Draghi, the President of the European Central bank has called for a "Quantum leap" in institutional integration in Europe, in order to cement what he is pleased to call an economic recovery in the Eurozone. Patrick O'Flynn MEP the UKIP Economic spokesman responded, "If there is to be growth in the Eurozone it is due to an enormous program of printing money through the quantitative easing process, and because it is coming from such a low base.

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The euro is "a lemon" and the investment package is "just another EU turkey"

Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has presented his €315bn growth and investment plan to parliament

The euro is

Upon his appointment as commission president, Juncker had promised to have an investment package designed to stimulate the European economy ready by the end of the year. Speaking to MEPs in Strasbourg, he said "Christmas has come early - I am here to deliver on my promise". The Luxembourgish official described his plan as "ambitious yet realistic", adding, "Europe needs a kickstart and today the commission is applying the jump cables". He stressed that "investing in Europe means much more than figures […], it's mainly about people". Juncker said "we should not forget the sacrifices that many in Europe have made over the past six years" and announced that "Europe is back in business".

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