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  Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
  Women's Rights and Gender Equality
  Economic and Monetary Affairs
  Money laundering, tax avoidance and tax evasion

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Joining the EFDD group

Joining the EFDD group

“The Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group welcomes German MEP Beatrix von Storch as a new member.

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The values ​​of Europe

Abortion laws in Europe

Europe is beautiful, but without the euro

The Common Foreign and Security Policy

Beatrix von Storch on the end of TTIP


EP-04968B CCR
EP-044578A CCR
EP-041803A CCR
EP-039209B MCH
EP-036281E MCH
EP-036281 MCU
EP-036287A GEN
EP-034781D GEN
EP-009691 MCH
EP-016069 MCH
EP-018323B pgc
EP-026071A MCH
EP-027015E MDO
EP-031205A BBO
EP-031205A BBO


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  • City: Brussels
  • Country: Belgium


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Beatrix von Storch