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EU employment policies have so far made things worse for Europe's citizens, not better

EU employment policies have so far made things worse for Europe's citizens, not better

According to the European Union's statistical office Eurostat, at the end of last year the EU's unemployment rate sat at 9.9 per cent. This rate is still far too high and our member state governments must do more to immediately address this. The European institutions also have a role to play in this. One of the aims of the Europe 2020 strategy is to reach 75 per cent of people who are employable on the job market. Last March, the European commission sent the parliament's employment and social affairs committee so-called 'guidelines for member state employment policies', which are currently being negotiated among the different political groups. After several months of work, it is clear that there is a mutual desire among MEPs to draw up a powerful and hard-hitting document to submit to member states in council.

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Scrutinising workers' right to strike

Scrutinising workers' right to strike

Yesterday, on February 10 2015, the European Parliament’s plenary met in Strasbourg to discuss, in the presence of and with input from Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for employment, social affairs, skills and labour mobility, on the topic ‘Initiatives in the framework of the International Labour Organization debate on the right to strike’. The debate circled around how to overcome the paralysis of the ILO’s internal supervision system of labour standards – the ‘Conference Committee on the Application of Standards’, a tripartite body consisting of an Employers’ Group, a Workers’ Group, and a Government Group which is to scrutinise the application of the ILO conventions in the ILO Member States – that has been ongoing since summer 2012 when the Employers’ Group announced that it does not consider that aspects relating to the right to strike can be scrutinised because there is in fact no explicit legal basis for it in the ILO’s Conventions (and particularly not in the ILO Convention 87 on ‘Freedom of association and protection of the right to organise’).

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