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China to open cloning factory to produce more cattle

China to open cloning factory to produce more cattle

China is planning to open a 'cloning factory' which will aim to produce one million calves and other animals a year, including family pets.The £21m plant is backed by Chinese and South Korean biotechnology firms and will include cloning laboratories and a gene bank, Chinese news agencies reported.It will be based in the northern port of Tianjin and begin production next year, with an initial capacity of 100,00 cattle embryos a year, eventually raising to 1 million."Chinese farmers are struggling to produce enough beef cattle to meet market demand," said Boyalife chairman Xu Xiaochun.The European Parliament recently beefed up the Commission's initial proposals to ban animal cloning.

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Cloned meat: protect the health of future generations

Europeans do not want cloned meat

Italy: 'Mafia capital' is just the tip of the iceberg

Citizens have spoken: no cloned meat!

The new European law on "Cloning Food"


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moi EP-008656A MDO
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EP-022164 JBR
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