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Tougher criminal sanctions are needed against human smugglers

Tougher criminal sanctions are needed against human smugglers

During a plenary debate yesterday, MEPs unanimously called on the European Commission and on the Member States to address the increasing migratory pressures in the Mediterranean, even though many of them fundamentally disagreed about the next steps to be taken.On January 13 2015, the European Parliament’s plenary met to discuss on statements by the European Commission and the Council of the EU in relation to the topic ‘Recent human smuggling incidents in the Mediterranean’.

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This is invasion, not immigration!

Theresa May should make way for a PM who supports Brexit

UKIP's position is No Surrender!

Brexit vote means we don't give any more money to the EU

You can create your United States of Europe - just make it easy for us to leave


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Gerard Batten
Gerard Batten
Gerard Batten Plenary session week
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