MEPs issue urgent call for new EU GMO rules

MEPs issue urgent call for new EU GMO rules

The genetically modified organisms (GMO) debate has raged for years, and is one of the more controversial issues Parliament has had to deal with. Last year, MEPs voted against granting member states the right to prohibit or restrict the sale of GMO food on their territory, meaning it is up to the European Commission to authorise GMOs. However, it has come under fire for the lack of transparency of the authorisation process, and been accused of pandering to lobbyists.

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"breath of fresh air" as EU national governments lift limits on methane emissions and leave British cattle free to belch

UKIP Agricultural Spokesman Stuart Agnew MEP says British farmers, who had the wind up over proposed EU caps on methane emissions, will be relieved that national Governments have rejected the limits. EU proposals to put stringent limits for certain air pollutants in each EU member state, including the methane gas produced by microbes in the stomachs of cattle and sheep during digestion of grass, were refreshingly rejected today.

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